Surprise Angry Birds Rio Update, includes Bonus Levels and Power-Ups

Angry Birds Rio Power Ups - Update with Power Ups

More than eight months have passed since the last time the Angry Bird Rio app got an update. Most fans thought it was the end it. Fortunately, we were wrong, Rovio gave us a surprise update and Angry Birds Rio v1.5.0 is now available for download/update for Android and iOS devices. There’s been a flood of updates during the last two months, including the Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook Game.

Even though it doesn’t add new chapters, we do get a ton of bonus levels and more features that we detail below;


  • 6 Mighty Eagle Bonus Levels: These levels are unlocked after obtaining a total of 10 feathers per episode (Golden BeachBall is not considered a regular chapter but rather a bonus one.)
  • 18 Bonus Levels: Again, these bonus levels appear within the regular episodes, and you will gain access to them by gathering stars. Each level requires an incremental amount of stars in order to be unlocked. For instance level #1 – 30 stars, level #2 – 50 stars, level #3 – 70 stars.
  • Power-Ups: There’s one brand new power-up exclusive for Rio and the other 3 have already showed up in other versions.
  • iPhone 5 Optimized Screen: iphone 5 users can now fully enjoy the app spreading through the whole screen.
  • New Achievements: just for iOS, one of them goes for getting all mangoes and the other one for obtaining 3 stars in the Awards Room.
  • Awards Room: This episode didn’t actually had a name, where all the unlocked bonus levels are located after you get 3 stars in all levels for a particular episode.
  • Google Play Now has the Mighty Eagle: At least, for just 0.99 cents you can use the Mighty Eagle without limits for the Google Play app.

Angry Birds Rio Power Ups

This is an addition that no fan of Angry Birds is quite happy about, the main reason being that the scores obtained when using Power Ups are set apart from those obtain using regular in-game mechanics.

  • Buy Power Up Packs: The bigger the pack, the greater the discount. For instance, a 740-power-up pack costs $39.99 and an 80 pack is $4.99 dollars. Notice you add that amount to each of the power ups. Now, you can also buy power-ups individually, they cost a bit less of course.
  • Samba Burst: Exclusive to Angry Birds Rio, this power up adds a fruit on top of the bird about to get launched, and once the bird touches any object in the levels, it moves to the beat of the Samba. The effect is sorta the one you get from Blu, simply shakes the surroundings.
  • TNT Drop: First seen in Angry Birds Winter Tournament, it suddenly puts TNT crates all around the level, just waiting to be touched to detonate.
  • Super Seeds: Was one of the original power-ups to come out, makes your bird larger and more powerful when impacting structures.
  • Sling Scope: Makes it work like Angry Birds Space or Star Wars, a dotted line will be given for that particular shot indicating the bird’s trajectory.

Angry Birds Rio Bonus Levels and Power Ups Angry Birds Rio Bonus Levels and Power Ups Angry Birds Rio Bonus Levels and Power Ups Angry Birds Rio Bonus Levels and Power Ups Angry Birds Rio Bonus Levels and Power Ups Angry Birds Rio Bonus Levels and Power Ups

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