Space Egg

Angry Birds - The Space Egg


The space egg (a.k.a Antenna Egg or White Egg) is the newest and latest member of the flock in Angry Birds Space. Before appearing as a playable character after the “best update ever”, You can see it in Fry Me To The Moon ending and opening clips.

Not only the Antenna Egg was made available as a character, but also the Orange Bird made a comeback, since it was not available on Angry Birds Space until July 26, 2012, when the app was updated.

The Space Egg can only be played in the bonus levels (do not mistake with Eggsteroid Levels), in every episodes page, in all Angry Birds Chapters, if you manage to obtain 3 Stars for all levels, the “Egg Levels” becomes unlocked with the Space Egg as the only playable character.

Special Skill.

Once is launched, the Antenna Egg can unleashed his special power when is still flying and has not touched any object on the level. It basically creates some sort of “black hole” that pulls both objects and pigs towards it, making them move from point to another.

Screen Instructions.


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