Red Planet Last Update Available

In what might be the last update that Angry Birds Space will receive, Rovio made available the last levels for Red Planet, completing the episode, this is our guess considering Rio stopped receiving updates after AB Space was launched, which will now get “replaced” by Angry Birds Star Wars.

The update is available for all platforms, both iOS, Android and also PC. The version numbering is v1.3.1


  • 10 new levels: These levels mark the end of the episode. You can check them out at the Red Planet Walkthroughs section.
  • A Hidden Golden Rover: The Phoenix Lander is hidden amongst the last 10 levels, you can check out the location and walkthrough in our Golden Eggsteroids Guide.
  • 1 More Space Egg Bonus Level: As usual, you need to obtain 3 stars in every single level of the episode page to unlock it. Check our Egg Level Walkthroughs for more info.
  • Achievements: There’re 3 extra achievements but only for iOS devices.
  • NEW Sardine Bonus Levels: First of all, the bad news, you will surely need to purchase Space Eagles, as these bonus levels are only unlocked after you obtain 100% destruction on every single regular level on all episodes except Danger Zone. In total, there’re 5 feather levels (named F-1, F-2, F-3 etc.), where you are basically given sardine cans to shoot, and the objective is pretty much obtaining total destruction, you neither have points nor stars.

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