Haunted Hogs Episode for AB Seasons Update available now!

A new Halloween themed episode for Angry Birds Seasons has just been made available for iOS devices (Android and PCs will versions will sure be out by the end of the day Android and PC are already out, even though they have quite a few bugs pending to be fixed.). This is the third episode that comes out to celebrate this particular holidays. This chapter also inaugurates a new tab, for all 2013 episodes (all 3 Halloween episodes are the first on each year, just like Ham’O'Ween and Trick or Treat)

Juicy Details on The Brand New Halloween Update

  • Levels: The levels take place in a Haunted Mansion, and we have a total of 30 brand new levels to enjoy. Both piggies and objects have been customized for this ocassion.
  • iPhone 5 Screen: With this update, you can now enjoy the game in your iPhone 5 screen without those grey borders showing up
  • 1 New Golden Egg: There’s only a single Golden Egg (or bonus level) which is unlocked after you obtain 3 stars on all levels.
  • Achievements: No new achievements
  • Power-Ups: The power-ups are not include, unlike the original Angry Birds app.
  • In-Game Objects: Hitting the pumpkins grant you 3l extra points. Also, you will notice there’re hidden blocks that even though do not stop the birds’ flying path, can hold entire structures and piggies.

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