“Fly In The Night”, a brand new Bad Piggies episode is coming!

Rovio confirmed yesterday that a new Bad Piggies episode will be out soon

The episode title will likely be “Fly In The Night”, as it’s the one that’s been featured several times in several media channels during interviews with Rovio showing the gameplay before the original release.

After all the positive reviews, we’re still not taking it easy. A #BadPiggies update is DONE & will be out in less than a month from launch!

If you read the tweet again, they confirm the release in a month from launch, which happened on September 27th, which means it will be out before October 27th, and likely to be on the 25th, since it’s thursdays when Rovio does major releases.

If you take a look at the video below from 7news, “Fly in The Night” already appears in the episode selection screen. And if you take an even closer look, you will notice there’s a total of 135 stars to be obtained, which means the amoun of regular levels and bonus levels will be the same, and probably include more hidden skulls.

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