First Gameplay Video Released for Angry Birds Star Wars

At least!!!!, with only 10 days left until AB Star Wars is finally made available for download, Rovio uploaded a video that contains both a short animation of “Luke” and “Leia”, after that you will see some footage of these two birds in action, more details below:


  • The Red Bird has finally been given a special power, and as “Angry Luke” he can use the lightsaber to destroy blocks, as seen in the video.
  • The Pink Bird has swapped bubbles for tractor beams, and they seem to be quite powerful, judging for the robot it’s taking down.
  • The enemies can attack as well, the video shows the AT-AT walker spitting what seems to be laser beams. Our guess is that gravity will also play a role just like it did in Angry Birds Space, but only in certain episodes.
  • The Might Eagle is now the millenium falcon, since the icon in the button on the top left corner of the screen shows just that.


This is the second gameplay footage that Rovio released, this time the characters featured are R2-D2 and C-3PO.

  • The White Bird is C-3PO. This time it won’t drop an egg but rather blow up and damage the objects and troopers around with its own body parts.
  • The space egg plays R2-D2 and its skill is release electric charges that destroys the piggies and brings down structures.
  • Just like we thought, there are levels that feature the exact same zero-gravity gameplay than Angry Birds Space.

Gameplay Screenshots

angry birds star wars gameplay angry birds star wars gameplay

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