Check out All The Teaser Videos for Angry Birds Star Wars

Rovio just keeps releasing video parodies of Star Wars classics, the last one being “Too Short”. Undoubtely, by judging the amount of views in their channel, the viral campaign is being successful once again.

The videos show movified scenes from the Star Wars franchise mixing them with Angry Birds objects (e.g. Millennium Falcon carrying the Slingshot.)

We’re almost three weeks from the game release on November 8th, so expect to see more of these teasers coming on their tumblr page, which also feature daily comics exclusevily focused on Angry Birds Star Wars.

All Teasers So Far

Teaser #1 – Black Birds featuring Obi Wan Kenobi

Angry Birds Star Wars Episode IV: No Moon

Angry Birds Star Wars Episode IV: Han’s Kessel Run

Angry Birds Star Wars Episode IV: Too Short

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