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Surprise Angry Birds Rio Update, includes Bonus Levels and Power-Ups

Angry Birds Rio Power Ups - Update with Power Ups

More than eight months have passed since the last time the Angry Bird Rio app got an update. Most fans thought it was the end it. Fortunately, we were wrong, Rovio gave us a surprise update and Angry Birds Rio v1.5.0 is now available for download/update for Android and iOS devices. There’s been a flood of updates during the last two months, including the Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook Game.

Even though it doesn’t add new chapters, we do get a ton of bonus levels and more features that we detail below;


  • 6 Mighty Eagle Bonus Levels: These levels are unlocked after obtaining a total of 10 feathers per episode (Golden BeachBall is not considered a regular chapter but rather a bonus one.)
  • 18 Bonus Levels: Again, these bonus levels appear within the regular episodes, and you will gain access to them by gathering stars. Each level requires an incremental amount of stars in order to be unlocked. For instance level #1 – 30 stars, level #2 – 50 stars, level #3 – 70 stars.
  • Power-Ups: There’s one brand new power-up exclusive for Rio and the other 3 have already showed up in other versions.
  • iPhone 5 Optimized Screen: iphone 5 users can now fully enjoy the app spreading through the whole screen.
  • New Achievements: just for iOS, one of them goes for getting all mangoes and the other one for obtaining 3 stars in the Awards Room.
  • Awards Room: This episode didn’t actually had a name, where all the unlocked bonus levels are located after you get 3 stars in all levels for a particular episode.
  • Google Play Now has the Mighty Eagle: At least, for just 0.99 cents you can use the Mighty Eagle without limits for the Google Play app.

Angry Birds Rio Power Ups

This is an addition that no fan of Angry Birds is quite happy about, the main reason being that the scores obtained when using Power Ups are set apart from those obtain using regular in-game mechanics.

  • Buy Power Up Packs: The bigger the pack, the greater the discount. For instance, a 740-power-up pack costs $39.99 and an 80 pack is $4.99 dollars. Notice you add that amount to each of the power ups. Now, you can also buy power-ups individually, they cost a bit less of course.
  • Samba Burst: Exclusive to Angry Birds Rio, this power up adds a fruit on top of the bird about to get launched, and once the bird touches any object in the levels, it moves to the beat of the Samba. The effect is sorta the one you get from Blu, simply shakes the surroundings.
  • TNT Drop: First seen in Angry Birds Winter Tournament, it suddenly puts TNT crates all around the level, just waiting to be touched to detonate.
  • Super Seeds: Was one of the original power-ups to come out, makes your bird larger and more powerful when impacting structures.
  • Sling Scope: Makes it work like Angry Birds Space or Star Wars, a dotted line will be given for that particular shot indicating the bird’s trajectory.

Angry Birds Rio Bonus Levels and Power Ups Angry Birds Rio Bonus Levels and Power Ups Angry Birds Rio Bonus Levels and Power Ups Angry Birds Rio Bonus Levels and Power Ups Angry Birds Rio Bonus Levels and Power Ups Angry Birds Rio Bonus Levels and Power Ups

Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook App Out Now!

We bet nobody expected this, Angry Birds Star Wars has arrived to Facebook and it’s not embedded into Angry Birds Friends but rather have their own standalone app. It’s actually not a minor release, the game actually has their own power-ups and a whole new system to unlock some levels.

The fact that this is a beta release means that items, pricing, challenges and unlock methods could vary depending on the feedback of fans.

Below are the main features of this new Angry Birds game;


  • Tatooine – 40 Levels: These levels are exactly the same as the ones from the mobile version (we’ve got the walkthroughs for tatooine after the link)
  • Weekly Tournament Levels: Read below for an in-depth review of this mode.
  • Bonus Items: Unique Power-Ups, Mighty Falcon and “Crystals”
  • Death Star Levels coming soon

Angry Birds Star Wars Weekly tournament

Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook App
Just in case the winter weekly tournament in Angry Birds Friends is not enough, now you also have Weekly Tournament Levels for Angry Birds Star Wars in Facebook. The method to unlock these levels is quite different though. One of the ways to do so is by achieving a weekly goal (detailed in the main menu). For instance, this week you need to unlock Tatooine Level #9 and complete it. The second way is by using credits, and the last one is to purchase the “Galactic Bundle”. Also, the tournament has the following unique features;

  • You Need Crystals To Play Them: Oops, each single time that you play a level, reload it, fail, or exit, you will consume 1 Crystal (the counter is located on the top right side of the menu) The counter right below the Crystal counter means that each time it reaches 0, you will get 1 Crystal, basically meaning they will regenerate if you’re patient enough. The quickest fix for this is to simply buy the “Galactic Bundle” which costs $19,90 and lasts for just a month, an insane amount of real money if you ask considering what games for the PS3 or Xbox 360 are priced. Such Crystals can also be obtained by “asking your friends” option, good for you that have a thousand virtual friends on Facebook.
  • There’s a total of 5 levels on each Weekly Tournament
  • Our Walkthroughs and tutorials will be done without the use of Power-Ups.

Angry Birds Star Wars Shop

Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook Power Ups

Here are all the power-ups and items that you can buy at the shop. Even though you get the bundles using “credits” such credits are obtained through real-life money, we bet you knew that beforehand. All levels have a full tutorial inside that tells you how to use each power-up.

    Power Ups

  • Lightsaber Sling: Basically creates a slingshot on steroids, which highly increases the bird’s speed when launched.
  • Blaster Droid: A laser shooting droid sphere is attached on top of your bird.
  • Clone Bird: Gets you an extra birdie for the level (clones the current bird you have on the slingshot).
  • Thermal Detonator: Attaches a bomb to the bird’s body, which it leaves on the block when as soon as it touches, causing an explosion shortly after.
  • Mighty Falcon: The good ol’ Mighty Falcon from the original app, which grants special badges when used.
  • Bundles:These packs include Thermal Detonators, Blaster Droids and Lightsaber Slings.

    Crystals (we explain how they work in the Tournament Section)

  • 40 + 10 free Crystals for “just” 400 credits.
  • 10 Crystals for 100 credits

    Galactic Bundle

  • For just $19.90 USD you can have unlimited access to Crystals, Mighty Falcons and all Tournaments unlocked. There’s also an option to buy a six-month subscription for only $49.90 USD. Since Angry Birds has literally hundreds of millions of fans around the world, expect many Angry Birds hard-core fans to actually buy the bundle.

Angry Birds Friends – Weekly Winter Tournaments Edition Details.

Angry Birds Friends for Facebook has recently received some love from Rovio, starting on December 3rd, 2012 the special weekly Tournament have started. However, this is not just 1 Tournament, but there’s a total of 4. Rovio has also added quite a few winter exclusives you can buy besides the regular power-ups.

Winter Tournament Features

  • Winter Tournaments Schedule:
    • Tournament 1: December 3rd to December 9th
    • Tournament 2: December 10rd to December 16th
    • Tournament 3: December 17th to December 23th
    • Tournament 4: December 24th to December 30th
  • Winter Tournaments Schedule:
  • 6 Levels Per Tournament: All levels are themed with objects like snowballs and sliders. Important; you can unlock all 6 levels at once for a couple of bucks, that is if you’re anxious enough to not wait until the next day releases an individual level. Mind you, you just buy the levels for that particular tournament, not the 4 sets.
  • Santa Bomb Addon: Even though you get 6 for free at the beginning of each new tournament, you will sure waste them quickly in the first level, so if you are eager to get more, you can buy them as well.
  • New Power-Up, the TNT Drop: What this power-up does is basically drop 3 TNTs that randomly fall in different spots from parachutes. Of course, you receive a starting pack for free, and you can get more if you purchase them.

Head to facebook and start getting those 3 stars now !!!!. We’ve got all the walkthroughs up already in our YouTube channel already

Our Scores

Angry Birds Star Wars – Hoth Episode Details

the last episode update for Angry Birds Star Wars (which is actually the first free update to be added to angry birds star wars) was released on November 29th.

The episode is available on all platforms, iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod), Android devices through Google Play PC, Amazon Store, etc.

The Story goes as follows; after the successful battle in the Death Star, the Rebel Birds landed in the iced planet of Hoth, this time one more rebel bird was added to the battle, which is Princess Leia (the pink bird)

Check out all the details for Hoth right below.

Hoth Details

  • 20 brand new levels: 20 regular new levels are included on this update, but if you reach the last page, you will see there’re 20 more levels awaiting to be released for this same episode.
  • 1 New Bird: The pink bird, featuring princess leia is a new bird included on this episode, it also brings its own power, the tractor beam, which basically pulls objects towards the point where its activated (the reverse effect that you get with Obi Wan), you can also target the power on a pretty narrow spot.
  • Bonus Levels: One new golden droid has been added and 1 extra bonus levels can be unlocked gathering 385 stars.
  • Achievements: 1 new achievement only for iOS devices.



Angry Birds Star Wars Out Now, Go Get It !!!!

Angry Birds Star Wars Opening Screen

We’re working on the AB Star Wars guide, but needless to say, we had to announce that the game is already out and available on all major platforms, like iOS devices and Android.

Take a quick look at the game features below, and if you want to read in detail each feature, you can go to our Angry Birds Star Wars guide.


  • Two regular Episodes, 80 levels: The first one is Tatooine, then the Death Star. Each chapter contains 40 regular levels.
  • Path of The Jedi: Remember Danger Zone?, well, Path of The Jedi works the same way, meaning that is a paid episode, separate from the rest, it costs USD $1.99, at least in iOS devices.
  • Golden Explorer Droids: The golden eggs have also gone through a transformation, and they are now the Golden EXplorer Droids, there’re a total of 5 golden droids included in the initial release.
  • Extra Bonus Levels: These bonus levels are included in the golden droids episode, and are unlocked simply by obtaining stars, each one has a certain threshold that needs to be reached in order to access it.
  • Characters: There’s a total of 8 new playable characters, as we mentioned in previous posts, each one will play a different character from the Star Wars saga. Each one has brand new abilities as well with a major change, they can used even after the bird hits any block or piggie.
  • New Mechanics: The Piggies are now armed with laser cannons and blasters, which sometimes you will need to avoid, and some others bounce off to demolish structures more effectively.
  • Mighty Millennium Falcon: The Space Eagle is now the Mighty Millennium Falcon, that works pretty much exactly as the Mighty Space Eagle. Yes, that means that even though you will earn some as the game progresses and you obtain stars, if you need more of them, you must purchase them.

3 Star Walkthroughs

Cinematic Trailer

Official Gameplay Trailer

Red Planet Last Update Available

In what might be the last update that Angry Birds Space will receive, Rovio made available the last levels for Red Planet, completing the episode, this is our guess considering Rio stopped receiving updates after AB Space was launched, which will now get “replaced” by Angry Birds Star Wars.

The update is available for all platforms, both iOS, Android and also PC. The version numbering is v1.3.1


  • 10 new levels: These levels mark the end of the episode. You can check them out at the Red Planet Walkthroughs section.
  • A Hidden Golden Rover: The Phoenix Lander is hidden amongst the last 10 levels, you can check out the location and walkthrough in our Golden Eggsteroids Guide.
  • 1 More Space Egg Bonus Level: As usual, you need to obtain 3 stars in every single level of the episode page to unlock it. Check our Egg Level Walkthroughs for more info.
  • Achievements: There’re 3 extra achievements but only for iOS devices.
  • NEW Sardine Bonus Levels: First of all, the bad news, you will surely need to purchase Space Eagles, as these bonus levels are only unlocked after you obtain 100% destruction on every single regular level on all episodes except Danger Zone. In total, there’re 5 feather levels (named F-1, F-2, F-3 etc.), where you are basically given sardine cans to shoot, and the objective is pretty much obtaining total destruction, you neither have points nor stars.

First Gameplay Video Released for Angry Birds Star Wars

At least!!!!, with only 10 days left until AB Star Wars is finally made available for download, Rovio uploaded a video that contains both a short animation of “Luke” and “Leia”, after that you will see some footage of these two birds in action, more details below:


  • The Red Bird has finally been given a special power, and as “Angry Luke” he can use the lightsaber to destroy blocks, as seen in the video.
  • The Pink Bird has swapped bubbles for tractor beams, and they seem to be quite powerful, judging for the robot it’s taking down.
  • The enemies can attack as well, the video shows the AT-AT walker spitting what seems to be laser beams. Our guess is that gravity will also play a role just like it did in Angry Birds Space, but only in certain episodes.
  • The Might Eagle is now the millenium falcon, since the icon in the button on the top left corner of the screen shows just that.


This is the second gameplay footage that Rovio released, this time the characters featured are R2-D2 and C-3PO.

  • The White Bird is C-3PO. This time it won’t drop an egg but rather blow up and damage the objects and troopers around with its own body parts.
  • The space egg plays R2-D2 and its skill is release electric charges that destroys the piggies and brings down structures.
  • Just like we thought, there are levels that feature the exact same zero-gravity gameplay than Angry Birds Space.

Gameplay Screenshots

angry birds star wars gameplay angry birds star wars gameplay

All Things Angry Bird Star Wars

Halloween-Themed Tournament in Angry Birds Friends Begins Oct 29

Angry Birds Friends Halloween-Themed Tournament

Not only Rovio released a short video for Halloween, but also announced some sweet news for next week. For all of you that play the Weekly Tournament in Angry Birds Friends, you will find out that starting Oct 29 all 4 levels will be Halloween-Themed.

Here’s the quote from the video.

Stick around for an special Halloween tournament in Angry Birds Friends on Facebook: Oct 29 – Nov 4.

Below is Rovio’s halloween video for 2012 entitled “Trick or Tweet”.