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After the links you will find every single walkthrough to help you create the right contraption and know where to push the right controls at the right moment. Bonus levels are also included.


Bad Piggies is the latest game from Rovio, released on September 27th, 2012. It’s not an Angry Birds spin-off, since the gameplay changes radically, it could be consider instead, its sibling instead.

The game basically consists in creating vehicles with diverse materials like fans, engines, balloons, etc, both ground and aerial and using some basic controls, taking the pigs inside them through the level until you reach the goal or complete some objective.

The physics included in the game are velocity, gravity, balance amongst others. Bad Piggies will get updates just like Angry Birds, according to Rovio’s president.

Pre Release

As early as July, a picture of a pig thinking of different structures was a very early hint of Bad Piggies.

On August 27, 2012, the game was officially confirmed when the game got its own Twitter and Facebook users.

Right after, on August 30th, Rovio uploaded the first Bad Piggies teaser, featuring the red bird and a hundreds of pigs falling from the sky (notice the game does not feature the Angry Birds at all.). The first gameplay video was leaked by Yahoo Games on September 4th. On september 17th, G4TV’s tv show had an interview with Rovio’s president for North American region and they revealed further details about the game and an extra gameplay video.

Episodes and Bonus Levels.

Even though Bad Piggies is similar to Angry Birds, the way you unlock bonus levels is not exactly the same. The version comes by default with two episodes (which have each of its own bonus levels) and an extra episode, which could be considered to be the “New Golden Eggs Episode”. So far, the game has a total of 95 levels, which is a lot to start with.

  • Ground Hog Day:Contains a total of 36 regular levels, plus another 9 bonus levels Each bonus level is attached to a single row of regular levels, and is only unlocked once you gather enough stars in all those 4 levels in the same row after you fulfill different objectives (check gameplay guide below).
  • When Pigs Fly:It has the same amount of regular levels and bonus levels Ground Hog Day, and, if you wish you can start from scratch with this episode. We suggest though, that you don’t since these levels are quite harder and you won’t quite understand how the different pieces on this level work, considering you are slowly introduced to the game mechanics in the first episode.
  • Sanbox:This special episode will come with at least 4 levels, where you can create much bigger contraptions judging by the gameplay videos so far.
  • Episode Bonus Levels:These levels work the same exact way than regular levels, and as we explained above, they can only be unlocked by gathering a certain numbers of stars per row of levels. They have roman numbers and they will require more stars as their numbering increases. So far, there’re a total of 19 ready to be unlocked.
  • Sandbox:This episode is not initially available and contains a total of 5 levels. There are three main events that unlock levels within the Sandbox, amount of stars obtained, skulls found (the new “golden eggs“) and achievements obtained. They are not unlocked sequentially.
  • Skulls: The Skulls are hidden items found across all episodes in Bad Piggies, they help you access to bonus levels. However, they dont’ work the same way as golden eggs do, which is 1 egg = 1 bonus levels, but rather X amount of skulls = 1 Sandbox level.


Obtaining the 3 stars can be a bit confusing, so we’ll explain it in detail below. Also, there’s not scoring system, so once you complete the objectives for each level you pretty much don’t have another reason to stay hooked to it (you might still have to play it more than once, since multiple objectives cannot be reached in a single play.)

    Before you start, bear in mind that the stars can be obtained separately when playing the level in different occasions. If you get the second and third stars first, that’s perfectly fine, you can play the level a second time and get the remaining star.

  • First Star: Just get the pig (or pigs) through the finish line in any way possible. That means the pig can reach it just by rolling leaving behing a destroyed contraption or swiftly crossing it inside the vehicle.
  • Second and Third Star: There are different objectives in each level that trigger these stars, not all of them repeat through each level, but the event below are the most common ones so far:
    • Getting your vehicle almost intact through the finish line.
    • Get to the finish line before the clock times out.
    • Avoid using some objects in the contraption
    • Getting the King Pig to the finish line inside the vehicle
  • Sandbox Levels: Each level contains a total of 20 stars that are located inside blue boxes spread all over the level (which is huge, just like the contraption you need to build). It’s worth noticing that once you get these boxes, they disappear and don’t come back, which turns the level useless after you collect all stars.
  • Creating Vehicles:At the beginning of each level you will see a grid which can vary in size and right below it, a number of different objects, which helps you create the vehicle (balloons, wooden squares). Also, you need to include the pig/pigs if they show up, though you can place them on top of the vehicle, rather than inside. You also have a set of arrows on top which allows you to move entire blocks through the grid.
  • >Paid Wizard: If some level just gets too complicated to create a good contraption that can help you get all the stars, then you have the option (vehicle creation screen) on the top left corner, to pay and obtain a pig that will build the contraption for you. You can get up to 3 for free by liking Bad Piggies through the app.
  • Vehicle Controls:Some vehicle parts, like bottles and fans, allow you move the vehicle through the level. You will see some big square buttons in the middle of the screen. If you have multiple pieces that help you move the vehicle and place them in opposite directions, you will then get a second button.


Bad Piggies was released on the usual platforms that previous Angry Birds editions have initially landed. Even though that is confirmed Bad Piggies will be available for PC, the date is not yet known, neither is the price. Below you have the current list of available platforms for Bad Piggies:

  • iPAD: There’s only the paid version so far, which costs USD $2.99. You need to have at least version 4.0 of iOS to play it, and it works great on all iPads (which is obvious, since the main difference lies on the OS, not the hardware.)
  • iPhone/iPod Touch:You can purchase the Bad Piggies app in the Apple App Store for your iPhone for just USD $0.99. Bear in mind that is you own an iPhone 5, that the app won’t display in the whole screen, but will have a grey background on both margins, this is because the iPhone 5 has indeed a bigger screen. There’s no free version or trial version of Bad Piggies for these devices either.
  • Android:Android devices seem to be the only ones to get the free (with ads) edition, of course you won’t get all levels until you buy the full version, which costs USD $0.99. Android Tablets can get the HD edition for USD $2.99. They can purchased through Google’s own app store, which is Google Play.
  • Amazon Digital Store: They have the same pricing and versions availability than Android.
  • MAC:The bigger the screen the more expenside it gets. This is the rule that Rovio applies to all their games. If you want Bad Piggies for MAC it will cost you USD $4.99. You need to have a OS X version 10.6.6 or higher.

Teasers & Trailers


Bad Piggies Video Gameplay Bad Piggies Video Gameplay Bad Piggies Video Gameplay Bad Piggies Video Gameplay Bad Piggies Video Gameplay Bad Piggies Video Gameplay Bad Piggies Video Gameplay Bad Piggies Video Gameplay Bad Piggies Video Gameplay

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