Bad Piggies New Episode Flight In The Night Out Now!

Flight In The Night Episode Selection Screen - Bad Piggies

Exactly as Rovio confirmed last week, Bad Piggies got yesterday the first upgrade. This update adds a new episode entitled Flight in The Night. As usual iOS devices such as the iPad or iPhone got it first, and Android and PCs later in the day. If you want to try out Bad Piggies and don’t know where to start, we’ve got a detailed guide after the link.


  • 15 new levels: Right now, there’re 12 regular levels plus 3 bonus levels (unlocked after you collect a certain amount of stars). You will see that there’re two more pages of episodes labeled “coming soon”. The gameplay remains the same, so bear in mind that not all stars can be obtained in a single run (3 star walkthroughs for Flight In The Night are already live.).
  • Hidden Skulls: A total of 3 brand new skulls are scattered through the levels, you can find the list here.
  • Sandbox Levels: There’s 1 sandbox level which basically works the same way than the previous ones, you need to create multiple contraptions in huge level. Another sandbox is labeled “coming soon” so it’s not accesible. Also, a third sandbox is advertised in the level selection screen, bad news are you need to pay to get access. More details below.
  • Sleeping Angry Birds: They can be seen in several levels. NO, they are not playable and NO they don’t react to anything you might do with the contraption or the piggies.
  • Snapshot Button: From now on, you can take an instant screenshot of your gameplay that goes directly to your pics folder.
  • New Objective Added: This objective makes mandatory to get both the piggie and the egg to the finish line.

Field Of Dreams Paid Sandbox

Field of Dreams Piad Sandbox - Bad Piggies

For only USD $2.99 you will get access to this massive level, which contains 40 collectable stars and bonus gadgets not seen in regular levels, such as ropes and bigger engines. Our take on this is that fans won’t be happy at all, since despite it’s quite big, it’s just a single level, not an entire chapter or reusable item.

Flight In The Night Official Trailer

Useful Resources

  • We’ve worked on all levels and best possible contraptions, you will find all Flight In The Night walkthroughs (including bonus levels) after the link.
  • Also, the 2 extra hidden skulls are included in our own Hidden Skulls List (each one with its own video that shows the best contraption needed to reach the skull.)

Flight In The Night Level Selection Screen - Bad Piggies Flight In The Night Level 3-1 Hidden Angry Birds Characters in Flight In The Night

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