Angry Birds (the original) gets a new episode called “Bad Piggies”

No, it’s not a mistake, we know that Bad Piggies is out already and everyone and their mother is playing it. What you read in the title is 100% accurate, check in your app store for available updates.

The original Angry Birds app has just been updated and they added a new episode called “Bad Piggies”. The porks just don’t have enough with their own app, and now have their exclusive chapter

But that’s not it. Angry Birds v2.3.0 also includes other great news, check them out below.

The HD version for tablets has not yet been released, so far only available for iphone and android for mobile devices. At least, Angry Birds HD for iPad is now out.

What’s New

  • New Episode: That’s right, it’s called Bad Piggies and it has (at least for now) 15 levels.
  • Surf and Turf: The final 15 levels have been added to finally complete the episode.
  • King Pig Mode: What was originally only available for the iPad is now spread to all devices. Remember that in order to unlock this mode (where the pigs replace the birds) you must obtain 3 stars in all episodes up to Birthday Party and also all the golden eggs as well.
  • Golden Eggs: We haven’t checked in detail the new levels but will update if we find any.

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