Angry Birds Star Wars Release Date set for November 8

We’re almost an hour from the official announcement which will take place in New York city (10 a.m eastern time) as told you in our previous post.

Rovio has already uploaded a teaser to their youtube channel, where you can see the Bomb Bir featuring Obi-Wan Kenobi and holding a lightsaber.

USA Today published an article where they revealed the big news, the release date for Angry Birds Star Wars is November 8th, exactly a month from now.

The platforms to receive the game will be the usual, iOS Devices, Android, MAC and PCs. They hint that there will be free and paid editions, unlike bad piggies.

According to the article, the birds were not simply modified to personify Star Wars characters, but also customized to a point where each one will supposedly have their own abilities.

All main characters from the saga are represented. Red Bird featuring Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca being Terence, etc. The king pig will be darth vader and regular pigs will feature the storm troopers. Check the picture below to see them all together.

The article also confirms that most of the physics will be pulled from Angry Birds Space (we guess that the flock abilities will be changed to fit the weapons like lightsabers). Regarding the graphics, each episode will represent a planet or adventure which took place in George Lucas’ saga.

The reason for the event taking place at Toy R Us is mainly because they will release a full line of toys along with the game.

Stay tuned, will’ bring you more as the event unveils more details (specially the gameplay).

Angry Birds Star Wars Release Date Angry Birds Star Wars Release Date Angry Birds Star Wars Release Date

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