Angry Birds Star Wars Out Now, Go Get It !!!!

Angry Birds Star Wars Opening Screen

We’re working on the AB Star Wars guide, but needless to say, we had to announce that the game is already out and available on all major platforms, like iOS devices and Android.

Take a quick look at the game features below, and if you want to read in detail each feature, you can go to our Angry Birds Star Wars guide.


  • Two regular Episodes, 80 levels: The first one is Tatooine, then the Death Star. Each chapter contains 40 regular levels.
  • Path of The Jedi: Remember Danger Zone?, well, Path of The Jedi works the same way, meaning that is a paid episode, separate from the rest, it costs USD $1.99, at least in iOS devices.
  • Golden Explorer Droids: The golden eggs have also gone through a transformation, and they are now the Golden EXplorer Droids, there’re a total of 5 golden droids included in the initial release.
  • Extra Bonus Levels: These bonus levels are included in the golden droids episode, and are unlocked simply by obtaining stars, each one has a certain threshold that needs to be reached in order to access it.
  • Characters: There’s a total of 8 new playable characters, as we mentioned in previous posts, each one will play a different character from the Star Wars saga. Each one has brand new abilities as well with a major change, they can used even after the bird hits any block or piggie.
  • New Mechanics: The Piggies are now armed with laser cannons and blasters, which sometimes you will need to avoid, and some others bounce off to demolish structures more effectively.
  • Mighty Millennium Falcon: The Space Eagle is now the Mighty Millennium Falcon, that works pretty much exactly as the Mighty Space Eagle. Yes, that means that even though you will earn some as the game progresses and you obtain stars, if you need more of them, you must purchase them.

3 Star Walkthroughs

Cinematic Trailer

Official Gameplay Trailer

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