Angry Birds Star Wars – Hoth Episode Details

the last episode update for Angry Birds Star Wars (which is actually the first free update to be added to angry birds star wars) was released on November 29th.

The episode is available on all platforms, iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod), Android devices through Google Play PC, Amazon Store, etc.

The Story goes as follows; after the successful battle in the Death Star, the Rebel Birds landed in the iced planet of Hoth, this time one more rebel bird was added to the battle, which is Princess Leia (the pink bird)

Check out all the details for Hoth right below.

Hoth Details

  • 20 brand new levels: 20 regular new levels are included on this update, but if you reach the last page, you will see there’re 20 more levels awaiting to be released for this same episode.
  • 1 New Bird: The pink bird, featuring princess leia is a new bird included on this episode, it also brings its own power, the tractor beam, which basically pulls objects towards the point where its activated (the reverse effect that you get with Obi Wan), you can also target the power on a pretty narrow spot.
  • Bonus Levels: One new golden droid has been added and 1 extra bonus levels can be unlocked gathering 385 stars.
  • Achievements: 1 new achievement only for iOS devices.



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