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Angry Birds Star Wars is an upcoming game to be released on November 8th, 2012. This is the fifth edition in the franchise, with the flock taking the side of the Rebels and the Pigs the side of the Empire.

Even though the idea has populated internet forums for almost a year thanks to the people at publishing a series of pictures showing the Angry Birds dressed as Star Wars characters, Rovio never said a word about it until October 4h, when they posted the picture of a bird (apparently) under a Jedi hood. The next day, on October 5th, the game was confirmed o be real by Rovio when they pictured an animated bomb bird holding and activating a light saber.

Rovio made a public event at ToyRUs in New York to announce it along with a new line of toys for the franchise.

That same day they began promoting their Tumblr site, which would be entirely focused the Angry Birds Star Wars game, featuring fan art, trailers and their own posters.


Before we start, it’s important to notice that this time, all birds can still use their powers right after they hit a block or piggie. This couldn’t be done in previous versions, where you had to use it before the bird touched any object on the level.

  • Red Bird/Luke Skywalker: The Red Bird begins just as the good ol’ bird we all know, no special skills. However, once you reach level 1-9 in Tatooine, it will be granted a lightsaber, that when activated, it can fully destroy soft blocks and piggies, damage metal planks, and also bounce off laser beams.
  • White Bird/C-3PO: (yes, the white bird is female and if officially known as Matilda) The golden, metallic bird will simply blow up after you tap on the screen, and the metal pieces are very effective at detonating TNT crates.
  • Terence/Chewbacca: The Big Brother has, once again, its own body as a weapon of mass destruction, it works the same way it does in all previous versions, having a huge penetration power..
  • Yellow Bird/Han Solo: This time, the yellow bird won’t boost, but rather pull out a laser beam gun, and then shoot 3 beams. Don’t forget that still the yellow bird’s body is still useful to destroy blocks, so pay attention at the bird’s trajectory first and then the right shooting timing. Some (and not all) metal blocks will reflect the beam, and in some levels, they are key to do effective shots, dealing a lot of damage in areas that otherwise are not directly accesible.
  • Pink Bird/Princess Leia: Surely, this character will be introduced in the episode Hoth, not available during the original game release. She owns a tractor beam that pulls structures and objects.
  • Space Egg/R2-D2: The space egg is now R2-D2. It thows electrical charges to nearby enemies and also dismantle structures.
  • The Blues/Pilots: The Blues/Lightning Bird remain pretty much the same, simply splitting after tapping on screen.
  • Black Bird/Obi-Wan Kenobi: This is the bird that gets featured in the animated AB Star Wars animated gif wielding a light saber. It doesn’t blow up this time, but when activating the power and near enough the object, it can push it away with great strength. Notice you will also target the direction of the attack depending where you tap on the screen.


  • The birds abilities can still be used during a very short period of time after hitting anything on the level, unlike previous Angry Birds version. If any bird is shot when flying it will be rendered useless and not able to use the power.
  • Yellow Bird’s laser beams will bounce off most metal objects, but not all of them. They are also quite good as fully destroying wooden planks and detonating crates.
  • Not only the Red Bird’s lightsaber can reflect the enemies laser beams, but also Obi Wan can bounce them with its forced push.
  • You will see mahy Storm Troopers yielding and using laser guns along many levels, you should, and sometimes must keep them alive while moving the structure they are located, so their shoots start destroying the level, and the other piggies as well.


  • iPad: The iOS HD version of Angry Birds Star Wars, costs USD $2.99 USD.
  • Android: You can buy the Android tablet version for USD $2.99, and for mobile devices, the ad free app costs USD $0.99.
  • PC: USD $4.95 is the price for the PC version. There’s indeed a free trial at Rovio’s official website if you want to play before you buy.
  • iPhone / iPod Touch:
  • Mac: As long as you have a OS X 10.6 or higher, you can purchase the desktop app for just USD $4.99.
  • Amazon Appstore: This appstore has 3 versions of the game, there’s one free, but includes in-game ads. Another one for regular Android phones at USD $0.99 and the last version for kindle color, whichs costs USD $2.99.

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