Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook App Out Now!

We bet nobody expected this, Angry Birds Star Wars has arrived to Facebook and it’s not embedded into Angry Birds Friends but rather have their own standalone app. It’s actually not a minor release, the game actually has their own power-ups and a whole new system to unlock some levels.

The fact that this is a beta release means that items, pricing, challenges and unlock methods could vary depending on the feedback of fans.

Below are the main features of this new Angry Birds game;


  • Tatooine – 40 Levels: These levels are exactly the same as the ones from the mobile version (we’ve got the walkthroughs for tatooine after the link)
  • Weekly Tournament Levels: Read below for an in-depth review of this mode.
  • Bonus Items: Unique Power-Ups, Mighty Falcon and “Crystals”
  • Death Star Levels coming soon

Angry Birds Star Wars Weekly tournament

Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook App
Just in case the winter weekly tournament in Angry Birds Friends is not enough, now you also have Weekly Tournament Levels for Angry Birds Star Wars in Facebook. The method to unlock these levels is quite different though. One of the ways to do so is by achieving a weekly goal (detailed in the main menu). For instance, this week you need to unlock Tatooine Level #9 and complete it. The second way is by using credits, and the last one is to purchase the “Galactic Bundle”. Also, the tournament has the following unique features;

  • You Need Crystals To Play Them: Oops, each single time that you play a level, reload it, fail, or exit, you will consume 1 Crystal (the counter is located on the top right side of the menu) The counter right below the Crystal counter means that each time it reaches 0, you will get 1 Crystal, basically meaning they will regenerate if you’re patient enough. The quickest fix for this is to simply buy the “Galactic Bundle” which costs $19,90 and lasts for just a month, an insane amount of real money if you ask considering what games for the PS3 or Xbox 360 are priced. Such Crystals can also be obtained by “asking your friends” option, good for you that have a thousand virtual friends on Facebook.
  • There’s a total of 5 levels on each Weekly Tournament
  • Our Walkthroughs and tutorials will be done without the use of Power-Ups.

Angry Birds Star Wars Shop

Angry Birds Star Wars Facebook Power Ups

Here are all the power-ups and items that you can buy at the shop. Even though you get the bundles using “credits” such credits are obtained through real-life money, we bet you knew that beforehand. All levels have a full tutorial inside that tells you how to use each power-up.

    Power Ups

  • Lightsaber Sling: Basically creates a slingshot on steroids, which highly increases the bird’s speed when launched.
  • Blaster Droid: A laser shooting droid sphere is attached on top of your bird.
  • Clone Bird: Gets you an extra birdie for the level (clones the current bird you have on the slingshot).
  • Thermal Detonator: Attaches a bomb to the bird’s body, which it leaves on the block when as soon as it touches, causing an explosion shortly after.
  • Mighty Falcon: The good ol’ Mighty Falcon from the original app, which grants special badges when used.
  • Bundles:These packs include Thermal Detonators, Blaster Droids and Lightsaber Slings.

    Crystals (we explain how they work in the Tournament Section)

  • 40 + 10 free Crystals for “just” 400 credits.
  • 10 Crystals for 100 credits

    Galactic Bundle

  • For just $19.90 USD you can have unlimited access to Crystals, Mighty Falcons and all Tournaments unlocked. There’s also an option to buy a six-month subscription for only $49.90 USD. Since Angry Birds has literally hundreds of millions of fans around the world, expect many Angry Birds hard-core fans to actually buy the bundle.

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