Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space Video Walkthroughs.

We have every single video walkthrough for Angry Birds Space, you can take a look and see what’s the best possible strategy to obtain 3 stars. Of course, Golden Eggsteroids level and Space Egg Bonus Levels are Included.

Description and Features.

On March 22nd, Angry Birds Space, the latest game of the franchise, was finally released after months of teasings by Rovio. This installment adds some particular features, since the regular birds are somehow modified to act a bit differently, levels are now also affected by gravitational fields and zero gravity as well. Counting the last update to Utopia and the Space Egg bonuses, Angry Birds Space has a total of 148 levels. What makes this version stands out from the rest is that one of the episodes, Danger Zone, is not a free update, but rather a paid episode.

  • A total of 148 levels across 4 regular episodes, one paid extra episode, and two bonus episodes (Space Egg Levels and Eggsteroid Levels)
  • A funny fact is that the menu screen is full of interactive objects (corn, pigs, etc)
  • A New Character: The Space Egg, was added after the july update, it’s not actually a bird, but rather a big egg that shows up only on the bonus levels (do not mistake these with the Eggsteroid Levels)
  • Space Egg Bonus Levels: These are unlocked after you obtain 3 stars every ten levels on each episode, with the exception of Danger Zone, we assume this is because it’s an in-app purchase.
  • The Mighty Eagle (now Mighty Space Eagle) also found his way through space, it also acts a bit different from previous Angry Birds games.
  • Plenty of brand new achievements on this game as well.
  • The hidden items this time are Golden Eggsteroids, each time you find one across any of the episodes, an extra level is unlocked. You will notice that all these Eggsteroid levels pay homage to very old classics of gaming.
  • The Boomerang Bird and the White Bird are not included so far, at first it was said that their behaviour did not match zero gravity conditions, but with the Orange Bird being included in the Utopia update, it could mean they will be added to future episodes of AB Space.
  • The lazer bird (yellow bird) has a neat new trick, after being shot zero gravity is not a big deal, since he can be re-targeted through his special power.
  • Gravitational Fields: You will notice that there are multiple gravitational fields across all levels, which basically do what gravity does, that is to pull objects towards the planet center. In order to reach the pigs and their buildings, you will need to take advantage of them.
  • Any pig that gets frozen in open space will end up bursting automatically.
  • Angry Birds Space now has gravitational fields in planetoids and also geysers, both alter the trajectory of the birds. However, the fact that there’s some sort of dot line that predicts the initial path of the bird after getting shot helps a lot, to the point of making the game much easier than the classic Angry Birds.
  • Red Planet includes geysers that affect the birds trajectory, a different type of exploding asteroid and also another type of Pig, which is much harder to destroy than the regular astronaut pig.

Space Eagle.

The Space Eagle works pretty much like the original Mighty Eagle, you basically tap on the Eagle button on the top left corner of the screen, a can of sardines loads onto the slingshot, and once you shoot it, a warp opens up to let the Space Eagle destroy the level. You obtain Eagle Points and destruction percentage. One of the differences though, is that there’re no time restrictions. However, each time you use a Space Eagle you consume a unit, so you can actually run out of Eagles (once you 3 star a level you can make unlimited use of the space eagle without using any units). You need to purchase the Space Eagle as a separate app, it’s not free. You can purchase extra Space Eagles as a separate app both in Android and iOS devices. Each time you manage to get 100% destruction, you will get 3 feathers, somehow an equivalent to the 3 Stars after passing certain score on a level.


  • Pig Bang: It has a total of 30 levels. All planets in Pig Bang are mainly based on planetoids with bushes and big craters. There’s actually a boss in the final level, not very challenging though. You can obtain a maximum of 99 stars and 30 feathers.
  • Cold Cuts: 30 levels. This chapter introduces the ice bird (exclusive to Angry Birds Space) and Terence (which is Big Red in the regular game). All planets are covered in ice, ice crystals and ice blocks. You can obtain a maximum of 99 stars and 30 feathers. The final level has a boss.
  • Fry Me To The Moon: 33 stars and 10 feathers max. This chapter, is actually the shortest of all Angry Birds versions, consisting of only 10 levels. Planetoids in Fry Me… are mainly a mix of Cold Cuts and Pig Bang.
  • Utopia: 99 stars and 30 feathers. All planets are candy-like, also donuts and jelly gums are included. Until the july, 2012 update, Utopia had only 10 levels available, now it also includes a final boss, which is a huge pig at the center of the level eating everything you throw at it.
  • Danger Zone: This episode is sold as a separate app in Android and iOS devices, except for Samsung Galaxy users, who receive it for free. It consists of 30 levels. It does not have bonus levels (Space Egg Levels)
  • Red Planet: So far, Red Planet has 20 brand new levels, 2 bonus levels and 3 new eggsteroids, which are really golden “rovers”, the regular eggsteroids have been replaced by hidden Mars Rovers this time, the unlocked levels are included in the Eggsteroids chapter, so they are counted as such.
  • Eggsteroid Levels: If we count the Samsung Eggsteroid level, we have a total of 12 unlockable levels. They are the equivalent of the classic Golden Eggs, with the difference that each time a golden eggsteroid is discovered, the user is automatically transported to the level itself, each one paying homage to a classic video game.[Check out our guide to find all Golden Eggsteroids.]
  • Space Egg Levels: After the latest update to Utopia was released, Rovio included a bonus level for each page of episodes, that is unlocked only once you 3 star all the levels in that page. Another feature that makes these levels unique, is the fact they only have one playable character, the Antenna Egg, which is also unique to Angry Birds Space.

Angry Birds Space Characters.

  • Super Red Bird (Red Bird)
  • Lazer Bird (Yellow Bird)
  • Bomb Bird (Black Bird)
  • Terence (Big Brother)
  • Ice Bird
  • Atomic Bird (Orange Bird)
  • Space Egg (Antenna Egg, White Egg)
  • Lightning Bird (Blue Birds)
  • Space Eagles (Mighty Eagle)

Samsung Galaxy Note.

Initially, Samsung started promoting their upcoming mobile phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note teasing exclusive levels and a brand new lazer bird with unique powers.

The truth is that only one exclusive level appears on all samsung devices, not only Galaxy Note, and it’s a golden eggsteroid level, already unlocked. The lazer bird is actually the same that shows up in all other versions. Another exclusive feature that Samsung users got was free access to the chapter Danger Zone, which is a paid app in Android and iOS devices. Below you can see the Samsung trailer promoting their mobile phone featuring the lazer bird.

Official Samsung Teaser introducing the Lazer Bird.

Official Angry Birds Space Trailer by Rovio.

Do Not mistake this trailer with the one created by Nickelodeon (check out the Story of Angry Birds Space), this one shows both how the Angry Birds find themselves on this new journey and also the actual gameplay.


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