Angry Birds Seasons Haunted Hogs Golden Egg #38

The Golden Egg #38 is located in level 1-9. You need to use 4 birds in total to finally pop the egg, so does makes it a bit difficult to obtain. First of all launch the red bird towards the bottom passage and detonate the crate. Once the donut in the main structure dissapears, you will notice another one pops at the same bottom passage. Use the orange bird and pop it within the tunnel. After that, you will notice that the donut on the stone cage to the top left of the screen now hangs from the door, use the yellow bird to reach it. Finally, you will see the golden egg pop right to the slingshot platform, simply bounce the red bird against the brick wall to make sure you hit it. The unlocked bonus level is easy, just cut the chains with the red bird and the pumpkin avalanche will do the rest.

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