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Description and Features.

Angry Birds Original is the first game app released by Rovio that began with a chain of releases that lead to other Versions, all having the same gameplay, though including new characters. It basically consists of trying to launch the birds with a slingshot and eliminate the Pigs on each level, while also destroying most of the stage objects. The fact that you get a certan score according to your performance in the level, unlocking achievements and “stars” makes this game really addictive. Angry Birds holds the record for the amount of downloads through app stores in the Apple App Store and Android Market.

Currently, the Angry Birds Original app is available on a vast range of platforms: iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad), Android devices (this covers both cell phones and tablets), Windows PC, MAC, Symbian devices, Blakberry tablek OS, HP webOS devices, home gaming consoles like Xbox and PS3 have it as well, and Nintendo DS has it. Also, some episodes of Angry Birds Original are also free to play online, like Google Plus, Facebook, Google Chrome (see here the full list of spots where you can play Angry Birds Online for free.)

There’s a total of 345 levels including those unlocked through the Golden Eggs on the app.

Angry Birds Episodes.

  • Poached Eggs:Consists of 63 levels, the longest of all Angry Birds episodes, and it must be fully finished before the rest of the episodes are unlocked.
  • Mighty Hoax:42 levels.
  • Danger Above:This episode takes place high in the sky. It contains 45 levels.
  • The Big Setup:This time Big Brother and the Boomerang bird show up to save the caged birds. Contains 45 levels.
  • Ham’Em High:Consists of 45 levels and 3 bonus levels. The level scenario style is the wild west.
  • Mine and Dine:This time the pigs go underground, all levels are set in caves. Contains 45 levels.
  • Birdday Party:A special episode due to Angry Birds 2 year anniversary, containing only 15 levels.
  • Surf And Turf:This episode is available in its entirety on Angry Birds Friends (Facebook) while only 30 levels are available on Angry Birds Original
  • Golden Eggs:So far, there are a total of 27 golden eggs hidden across the game, some need to be reached by a bird on certain levels, while other automatically pop up when certain conditions are met (3 stars on all levels of an episode for instance). The Golden King Pig is not actually a level per se, and is only available on the iPad version.

Power Ups

The Power Ups used to be available only in Angry Birds Friends, but after the last update to Angry Birds Original, these were added to all the levels of the game.

The power ups are tools that allow you to reach higher scores that would normally do by just using the birds. There are a total of 4 and once you run out, you can purchase more, though some are granted for free every new day you play the app: Super Seeds, King Sling, Sling Scope and Birdquake


There are a total of 9 playable birds on Angry Birds Classic. Most of them show up in other versions, but some, like the space egg and the ice bird are only playable in Angry Birds Space. Each one of them have special skills that you must use to take advantage and pass the level

  • Red Bird: Maybe the only one that does not have any skill, but it’s quite good when throw directly at the pigs.
  • Yellow Bird:IT accelerates when you tap the screen and follows a straight trajectory as well, good for penetrating wooden structures.
  • Black Bird: The best choice to demolish stone structures, it explodes either manually when tapped or automatically if left alone once it touches an object.
  • White Bird: Dropps a small white egg that acts sort of a bomb when tapped and the bird itself can cause some damage to buildings and pigs.
  • Green Bird (Boomerang): It acts pretty much like a boomerang when tapped, pretty good for reaching spots that are only accesible from right to left.
  • Big Brother: Its main skill doesnt need to be activated. It has so much mass that tumble entire structures and has a huge penetration power.
  • Orange Bird: It inflates when tapped or after a few seconds after touching an object, quite effective when landed on gaps that can push buildings to the sides.
  • Pink Bird: After tapping, it creates bubbles that can lift objects and pigs.
  • Mighty Eagle: Actually a special character that is not available by default on all versions. Each time you use it you are given a can or sardines that you need to throw at the level, a few seconds later the Mighty Eagle will go after it and destroy most of the stage along with the pigs.

Other Versions.

  • Angry Birds Seasons: All these episodes are themed to celebrate certain special events of the year, and some just in certain countries or communities.
  • Angry Birds Rio: This version came up after the movie Rio, and introduces two new playable characters, Blu and Jewel, which are in fact characters from the movie itself. Each episode represents some movie chapter, instead of golden eggs, it has hidden fruits.
  • Angry Birds Space: This version not only changes the appereance of the classic birds (not all of them appear on this version), but also brings new characters, such as the ice bird and the space egg. And adds level features that modify the gameplay, such as zero gravity, gravity fields, geysers, etc. There’s also a special episode called the Red Planet, celebrating the landing of the Mars Rover curiosity. This time the golden eggsteroids replace the regular Golden Eggs
  • Angry Birds Friends: originally called Angry Birds Facebook, its the official Angry Birds app in Facebook, and contains unique levels, golden eggs, weekly tournaments and regular episodes from Seasons and Classi.
  • Angry Birds Chrome: It can be played both at the angry birds official website or as an app at the chrome store. Besides containing episodes from the classic game and Seasons, it has unique levels called the Dimension Levels.



Angry Birds Original Welcome Screen
Angry Birds Original Loading Screen
Angry Birds Original Golden Eggs Level Selection Screen
Angry Birds Original HD Episode Selection Screen
Angry Birds Original HD Episode Selection Screen
Angry Birds Original HD Episode Selection Screen
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Angry Birds Clip Screenshot
Angry Birds Clip Screenshot


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