Angry Birds Online

Angry Birds Online

There are two main Angry Birds versions where you can play Angry Birds Online through your web browser (all of them, but preferably Chrome, since it’s the one that unlocks extra levels when you are signed in with your Google Account, unlike Firefox or Safari). The first one is Google Chrome, and the second one is Angry Birds Facebook (officially known as Angry Birds Friends.) Now, the fact that these versions are available online basically means that you can play Angry Birds for Free, with easily more than 400+ levels included. However, bear in mind that you won’t be able to play Angry Birds Friends on tablets that don’t run Flash, Angry Birds Chrome is based in HTML5. The best option as usual to play Angry Birds Online is your PC or Notebook, as usual. Both versions link to “extras” or mini versions, some of them are located within Chrome or Facebook, while others can only be played at Below, you will find a detailed guide that details each of the available online versions

NOTE: All the versions mentioned below are the official ones, plenty of other sites have fake Angry Birds flash games also available online that were not released or authorized by Rovio, and some can even infect the user’s computer with a virus.

Angry Birds Chrome.

Angry Birds Chrome Angry Birds Chrome has more than 150+ levels availables for free, and even though most of them can be played at any browser, you need to be using Chrome and signed in to your google account to play the extras and save your progress in your Chrome Browser. It includes three episodes of the original app, which are Poached Eggs, Mighty Hoax, Danger Above and the Big Setup and … It also has episodes from AB Seasons: Season’s Greedings, Cherry Blossom, Easter Eggs and Summer Pignic (Season’s Greedings even has some unique levels only available on this online version.). There’s also a unique entire episode which basically replaces Golden Eggs for Chrome symbols, called Chrome Dimension, you first need to find the Chrome logos within the levels to unlock them.

Angry Birds Volcano.

Angry Bids Volcano Birds Volcano is an free online mini version of Angry Birds created in collaboration with Fazer Confectionery Ltd to promote a food product, is still available online with a total of 6 levels, some of them can only be unlocked by entering a code.

Angry Birds Golden Pistachio.

Angry Birds Pistachios Birds in the hunt for the Golden Pistachio is another promotional Angry Birds minigame that you can play online. What made this version different from the rest is that you could actually discover hidden items through the game that would yield real-world angry birds merchandize, the contest is already over. It contains a total of 6 levels.

Angry Birds Fuji TV.

Angry Birds Fuji TV, Angry Birds Fuji TV, was only playable at the Fuji TV site, but now is playable on all browsers within the Angry Birds site. It’s basically a promotional online game released after the Japanese themed episode “Cherry Blossoms” for Angry Birds Seasons. It includes Sakura Ninja, an exclusive episode with 12 levels, besides Poached Eggs.

Angry Birds Telepizza is another online mini game that consists of 6 levels, which are represented by slices of pizzas instead of the regular level boxes which are present in any Angry Birds game. The fact that the game is in spanish is because this was a marketing move made in collaboration with the spanish pizza chain Telepizza (the Angry Birds pizza combo is still available in Telepizza’s portal.)

Angry Birds Heikki

Angry Birds Heikki mini game is named after the finnish F1 racer Heikki Kovalainen. He always uses a helmet decorated with the Angry Birds logo. There are more than 7 levels, that unlock automatically each date that Heikki participates of a GP, the levels carry out the name of such tracks. Another great feature is the fact that by entering a code, you can use a special power and get a Big Brother with a Heikki helmet, which basically gives it a major destructive power.

Angry Birds Friends

Angry Birds Friends Angry Birds Friends is amongst the most played apps in Facebook. Containing more than 50+ exclusive levels, it receives daily updates in their weekly tournament episode, where you can compete against your friends on 4 tournaments/levels that are shut down when the week ends. It also features Pigini Beach and a chapter featuring Green Day (which they used to promote their last album release). There are several Golden Eggs to be discovered, also unique to Angry Birds Friends. Besides that, AB Facebook was the first Angry Birds version to introduce the “power ups” which are special powers that affect both the level and the pigs and help you achieve a higher score, these are limited but can be purchased if you need more. The mighty eagle can also be enjoyed on this version. The best thing of all of course, is online and it’s free.

Angry Birds Green Day

angry birds green day a total of 11 levels, counting a hidden unlockable level, this mini game version helped Green Day promote their band and latest album. The “golden grenade” which is the equivalent of a golden egg, can be found in one of the levels and unlocks a hidden level. Unlike other versions, Rovio quickly released the version online after a couple of teasers.

Angry Birds Ultrabook

angry birds ultrabook makes Angry Birds Ultrabook Adventure different from other online Angry Birds games, is that both levels and pigs are “themed” accordingly, mimicking circuits and boards. It has 10 levels and they can all be embeded in your facebook wall to compete against your friends.

Hope you enjoyed our guide to learn where to play Angry Birds Online, we’ll keep this guide updated as Rovio keeps releasing online Angry Birds versions.

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