Angry Birds Golden King Pig – How To Unlock It Walkthrough

The King Pig Level, even though found within the Golden Eggs level selection screen, is not an actual level unlocked by finding a hidden egg. Besides being available for iPad versions only, the only way to unlock the Golden King Pig is:

  • By getting 3 stars on every single level of Angry Birds original, and we mean all of them.
  • Or, by using this toy with the ipad (not a joke).

Now, each time you enter this “level” 1 of 4 modes can be randomly activated. You cannot really score points here, not even stars, and even if you manage to pass the levels, the ending screen will be pretty similar to the one where you fail a regular level. The modes are as follows:

  • King Pig:You will be given a random level where the pigs now take the place of the birds and vice-versa. It’s worth noticing that there are different types of pigs that have the same exact skills as the birds.
  • Material Mix Up:The material of which the level objects are made is changed completely (e.g. ice now wood, or stone now glass).
  • Bird Frenzy: You have a limited time to finish the level, but you have unlimited birds to do so (and the birds are random, you cant really tell which one is the next).
  • Total Destruction:Simply start tapping everwhere in the level to detonate explosions, easiest of all 4 modes.

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  • Aidan Ewing says:

    Finished all levels with 3 stars and got all Golden Eggs!!!
    Now when I look on this site, I see the 27th Golden Egg is on level 18? My Nokia N9 Angry Birds app only goes to level 17!
    I`m feeling a little cheated here! I see King Pig is only available on iPad? Damnit, I really hoped for something special for TOTAL DESTRUCTION on all levels!
    Is that it? Am I done?


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