Angry Birds Friends – Weekly Winter Tournaments Edition Details.

Angry Birds Friends for Facebook has recently received some love from Rovio, starting on December 3rd, 2012 the special weekly Tournament have started. However, this is not just 1 Tournament, but there’s a total of 4. Rovio has also added quite a few winter exclusives you can buy besides the regular power-ups.

Winter Tournament Features

  • Winter Tournaments Schedule:
    • Tournament 1: December 3rd to December 9th
    • Tournament 2: December 10rd to December 16th
    • Tournament 3: December 17th to December 23th
    • Tournament 4: December 24th to December 30th
  • Winter Tournaments Schedule:
  • 6 Levels Per Tournament: All levels are themed with objects like snowballs and sliders. Important; you can unlock all 6 levels at once for a couple of bucks, that is if you’re anxious enough to not wait until the next day releases an individual level. Mind you, you just buy the levels for that particular tournament, not the 4 sets.
  • Santa Bomb Addon: Even though you get 6 for free at the beginning of each new tournament, you will sure waste them quickly in the first level, so if you are eager to get more, you can buy them as well.
  • New Power-Up, the TNT Drop: What this power-up does is basically drop 3 TNTs that randomly fall in different spots from parachutes. Of course, you receive a starting pack for free, and you can get more if you purchase them.

Head to facebook and start getting those 3 stars now !!!!. We’ve got all the walkthroughs up already in our YouTube channel already

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